Great communication comes from an integrative and holistic process where content, design, technology, and business interact.

- Cora Veesenmeyer


Hi, I am Cora - The Swiss-Argentinian MarCom Specialist.

I help local and international brands with their MarCom challenges and I am also an entrepreneur for Enhance, the creative & conscious agency that develops ethical MarCom solutions for responsible businesses. My passion lies in being an adaptative, curious, and enthusiastic generalist in MarCom (aka 🦄) who combines expertise in multiple areas of the marketing mix while having a strong focus on Tech & digital.

Scope of actions


I enjoy all-digital challenges: social media, websites, apps, digital products, or any other platform. From ideating, creating and building strategies around such channels: there's no end & it's fantastic!


From corporate communication to content marketing, my aim is to create the best messages (visuals/texts) to reach audiences and customers while enhancing companies overall branding strategy.


Creating advertising campaigns thanks to great graphic design and video production: creative-related tasks are my jam. My background in art, passion for aesthetics, and utter curiosity for design are at fault!